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The Manfred Mann Interview
The Manfred Mann Interview
We were supporting Manfred Mann's Earth Band (whose old PA we had bought) at the University of Sussex. In the bar, before our set, we were enjoying a drink or two when some shady guy sat next to me. "Hey man, I got some real cool pills - a cross between acid and downers - a quid each...." I told him I wasn't interested, but he kept on: "They'll give you a great time, man, go on, buy some......two for a quid".

Eventually he became a real pain and I started letting him know how I felt. I became very irritated, and was probably quite rude as he wouldn't let up. Finally, he stood up and said I'll regret not buying any. I said I doubt that and he said I'd see. Then he left.

Wondering what he meant by "you'll see", I took to the stage with Andy, Tone and

Lol. Midway through the set I began to feel very strange. By the end of the set, although I remember nothing, it's now clear that I'd had something slipped into my drink. I believe I managed to play the last note and promptly passed out.

The embarrassing bit is that we shared a dressing room with Earth Band. I was apparently left there, but woke up whilst Manfred Mann was being interviewed for Melody Maker. I'm told I had to be removed as I was becoming quite loud and intolerable. Maybe that's why Steve Kinch got the bass gig with MM and not me!